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Title: it was me and you (there was nothing we could do)

Rating: G

Disclaimer: The West Wing, and all related characters, is property of Sorkin et al.

Summary: Donna begs Josh repeatedly to fly to South Carolina safely ensconced in an airplane...

Notes: For ever_neutral, because I promised her Josh/Donna, and lowriseflare, who prompted the one where Josh and Donna haven't slept in three days. Feedback is both welcome and appreciated. Set pre-series, sometime after the scene where Josh and Donna meet. Title courtesy of Jack's Mannequin's Dark Blue.
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14 July 2012 @ 07:32 pm
Hi, I am searching everywhere for a fic I lost when I changed laptops. My shortcuts no longer exist and it is killing me.
Anyway, Donna in an interpreter and works for the UN but changes to the White House when she meets Josh. I have no idea of the author or the title, but "Voices" rings a bell. Nothing comes up when I search for that though.
Any ideas would be great!
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Title says it all really, just want to read a few stories that are post series, because I don't want to let these characters go.

Anything that's canon I guess.

03 April 2012 @ 09:27 am
So I got someone new into West Wing. Always good to bring new people into the fold, right? Well we're slowing working our way through - we're juuuust into the beginning of season two. Last episode we watched was "The Midterms".

Now. This new person I've brought into the awesome that is this show, is coming into it after the fandom has gone...a bit fallow. She wants fic and prompts to write her own fic (mostly the latter) and I just kind of stared at her and went "um, I don't know if we do that".

I'm trying not to spoil her (it's been successful so far) but she has already pinged on some of the good stuff (CJ/Danny is her current favorite, Josh/Donna is one that has piqued her interest, and she is enjoying the Josh/Joey) and come up with some random crazy stuff that makes me laugh (Lord John Marbury/Margaret). She wants any prompts anyone can give, gen or 'ship, but that won't spoil her. So basically we're saying anything from season one or through "In the Shadow of Two Gunmen".

Is there such a thing as a WW "prompt generator"? The way she says it makes me wonder at other fandoms which might've created such things. I know for some of my other fandoms, it's nothing so complicated as a list of words to free-associate with the fandom.

And lastly, if you all can help me with the above to prod a fledging WW-ficcer, I'm also struck by the thought that if I could get enough people interested, I might start a comment ficathon. I have been enjoying the one for The Hunger Games that has been going on here and I wondered if you all thought we could get the WW fandom to revitalize for a little period of time and make it successful. I mean, it's been awhile since I read new WW fic, and rewatching the series is making me think it's about time. Details forthcoming about the when/where/how if people think it could work, be successful, and were willing to help promote it across the fandom.
03 March 2012 @ 12:58 pm
Hi everyone - 

I was hoping y'all could help me find a fanfic I've been looking for. The best I can remember is that it's a J/D (of course) fic, but Josh is leaving (or has left) the White House to due to heart problems. I think I recall the President and Leo not knowing that's the reason, but that Abby catches Josh when he's in Boston (???) and figures it out somehow. There could also have been Donna leaving with him and she knows about his heart (this I really am not sure about). I do know it's not "Bedford Falls," which I recently found and re-read.

Again, this is all I remember, but for the life of me I can't find it in my bookmarks. I may be melding two stories here, but I distinctly remember one where Josh leaves the White House early because of his heart. 

Help? Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Found! It was Falling Out by Spitzthecat.
03 February 2012 @ 10:25 pm
I'm looking for a fic~can't remember title or author. Josh and Donna go to Connecticut~believe this was pre-Santos, so I think in the story either Richie won the election or Bartlet stepped down. While discussing what to do next, Josh mentions writing a book, and that he'll need an assistant/editor. They move into his gigantic house in CT. There was a double drafting-type desk that they share. An old neighbor/girlfriend turns up and causes some jealousy. Josh chose CT (and to keep his mother's old house) so he could eventually run for office in that state. Donna gets pissed because he hasn't told her all these plans and thinks she'll get left behind. He intends for them to do all this together.

Hopefully that's enough that someone knows what I'm talking about! Thanks!
02 October 2011 @ 11:58 pm
Hi everyone, 

I've seen people say that Donna's birthday is at one point written prominently on Josh's board in his office... Does anyone happen to know which epsiode that is/when her birthday is?

12 September 2011 @ 07:27 pm
Okay, this is sort of driving me crazy. I went looking through the back pages of this community and couldn't find this fic, so I hope I'm not just hallucinating it.

Donna quits, with Josh's agreement or encouragement, and no one knows why. Everyone wonders how he's going to replace her, and he ends up splitting her job in two, hiring someone to be admin assistant and Charlie as policy assistant, which solves a problem for Charlie as well. Donna, meanwhile, gets better job opportunities. At the end, Josh gets notified that she was in a car accident and he rushes to the hospital, where we found out that they're engaged.

Please tell me this fic actually exists and someone knows where to find it.
01 September 2011 @ 03:07 pm
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