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01 January 2014 @ 01:59 am
I hope this is allowed. I'm searching for a fic and can't seem to find it.

Donna is sick but still goes to work. Ends up with Abbey checking her over and Josh taking care of her.

That's really all I remember.

Any help is very much appreciated!
18 November 2013 @ 03:37 pm

Zip link(s) here (free registration required)
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20 October 2013 @ 04:49 pm
I didn't see a thread like that so I figured I'll start one if that is okay. Post a link please to the stories please.

Mine is by far  http://national-library.net/viewstory.php?storyid=4682The Trouble with Hero Worship by Liza C.

17 Chapters of angst filled good story. It was painful to read but so satisfying, not to mention realistic too.
18 September 2013 @ 12:41 am
Hi guys,

I have been searching everywhere for this series since I completed season 7 a few weeks ago. All the links I come across are broken. Anyone know where I can find a working link?

Please help. I am an addict, I need my fix :)
14 November 2012 @ 04:36 pm
I'm looking for a fic. It's something I want to read rather than one I have read and misplaced.
I want a Josh as a single father AU fic, where he and Donna meet whilst he is both dad and DoCS. Does this sort of fic exist? I know there are C.J./Danny fics with Danny as a single dad.
13 November 2012 @ 11:49 am
I was hoping someone would remember this story and know where to find it.
Its was about the work Donna does at the white house. It involved either CJ or Amy realising that Donna did different work to the other assistants.

If this rings a bell with anyone that would be great even if people know of any stories about the awesome work Donna does.
04 October 2012 @ 01:12 am
Does anyone know where I can find the stories that used to be archived at the Jo & Ryo Collective? The site has gone down (presumably due to lack of activity), and near-frantic googling has yielded no results. I absolutely love their stories (especially A Winning Strategy) and am jonesing to read them again.

Any help would be appreciated!
20 September 2012 @ 01:44 pm
Have you all seen this?  I'm not at all sure where it would fall within the cannon, but I was thrilled to see this pop up on Facebook this morning.

The cast of The West Wing reunites to talk about an important issue:

05 August 2012 @ 09:36 pm
Does anyone know the fic where Josh is no longer at the WH and is living in, I think, Boston.  Leo sends Donna to try and get him to come back and turns out Josh has a girlfriend but carries around a picture of him and Donna in a book or something.
04 August 2012 @ 11:36 pm
So. I just re (re, re, re, re, re, re, re, re) watched The Portland Trip. You know, with Donna and her red dress. I would please like any and all story recs featuring either this episode (like post eps) or featuring her red dress.

There's one specifically I can think of (but can't remember title or author) that has Donna deciding between a blue dress and a red dress. Ginger and Margaret are her roommates maybe? And Josh calls her his brass ring.

But yeah, throw 'em all at me, and if you happen to recognize the one I mentioned, please link that too!